• Nayana Sen

What is your Personal Development Plan for 2021?

We are a month into a new year! It is possible that your plans and goals for 2020 were disrupted, but I do think last year gave us all some much needed perspective in our lives. Personal development is not some kind of ethereal concept. It is an active job, and one you have to take seriously. No one who has ever set out to become a version of themselves will tell you it is easy. If they do, they are selling you snake oil. I don't know if people still set resolutions for the new year. A new trend in self development has been to choose a word for the year, and let that manifest. My word for this year is possibilities :).

Well the word is a good place to start, but change and growth also require some action. As a certified project manager, I am going to tell you action without proper planning will cause rework. That is a dreaded word in business, and it should be in life as well. The point of all this self work is to move forward and grow. It may take many cycles to grow to your own satisfaction, but don't start this journey without some kind of a plan. It will inevitably mean you will be restarting again from scratch in 2022. Here is a simple 4-step plan on improving your personal development in 2021.

Plan to Improve

Once you have a clear picture of where you would like to be, then you can plan how you intend to get there. You don’t have to sit down and write out an extensively detailed personal development plan, but you should consider writing down something. It makes it more concrete. Something about seeing something in writing makes it real for most people.

If you have picked a word for the year, then start there and build around it. An important component of growth is making sure the direction you are wanting to grow in, is in fact your own choice. I am not a life coach or therapist, so my advice is based on my own life experiences. In my opinion, you have to have a plan to improve and grow. There is nothing wrong with dreaming of something, but there is some real value in planning on making your own dreams come true.

Get Started

You can develop in several ways, whether it’s in your personal life, socially, romantically or professionally. We all learn in different ways, it’s up to you to determine which method is right for you. Once you have a plan, then you have to take daily action in meeting your goals.

I am able to walk/run up to 3 miles on a treadmill, but I started at not being able to do more than a minute. It didn't happen overnight, but I kept going to the gym consistently. I am proud of myself for my commitment to my own growth. The point is I'd still be standing still if I didn't just get on there and try to meet my goals.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. -Walt Disney

Plan and execute your vision, but whatever you do, enjoy the process. You are taking action, and that should be celebrated.

Track Your Development

When you achieve key developments make sure to note them down in your personal development plan. This is a wonderful motivational tool and also a great record to look back on as you consider where to go next in your personal development journey.

Reviews & Revisions

You can’t just make a plan and walk away. It’s important that you review your plan and revise it as necessary.

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