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How to regain your confidence after a job loss

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Did you just lose your job? Along with your source of income, you've probably also lost some faith in yourself. What should you do next? It can be stressful to find a new job, even with the best connections, experience, or education. It is unfortunately something most of us will experience at some point in our careers. If this is where you are in your life, then this blog post is timely for you. Let's look at the 3 methods you can use to regain your confidence after a job loss.

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The good news is you usually have at least a paycheck, leave balances, and maybe even a severance package that is due to you if you've been laid off. The bad news is it won't last that long. Hopefully, you do have money saved up that you can tap into in case you need it. I can tell you from first-hand experience that losing a job is stressful, but it is a great opportunity as well.

Calm and Conquer Your Worst Fears.

What is the worst that can happen as a loss of this job? Many people fear becoming completely destitute or homeless, but that is probably the last and worst case scenario. There are lots of community and social groups that are ready and willing to help people in this situation. There are also government food and emergency housing opportunities, if you need it. Maybe you will need to file for bankruptcy. These are the worst-case scenarios and although it's a possibility, it is unlikely to occur. Knowing that your worst fear is unlikely to occur, let's focus on making a plan to deal with what is most likely to occur. You are mostly likely going miss a few payments, perhaps cancel a trip, or live with family for a period of time. These things are disappointing, but it's not the end of the world. You can and will financially recover from this unfortunate incident. The most important component of conquering the fear of the unknown is to assess the situation in a realistic way.

Decide Whether You Liked That Job or If It's Time to do Something Else.

You know what screams confidence? Knowing that you are no longer at a job you hate. Life moved you along, so as the song goes, Thank you, next. If you loved your job, then there is a very good chance you are already good at the job. Polish up your resume (get professional help if you need it) and start applying for a similar position elsewhere. Now, if it's time for a career change you may need to take some training or upgrade your skills, but congratulations it's time to level up.

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Be Confident In Your Ability to Get Through This Challenge.

Life is not guaranteed to be free of challenges. In fact, challenges are inevitable. It's all about how we learn and grow from these challenges that really matter in the end. You are a person that has survived disappointment, heartbreak, and everything else that has come your way. You will get through this time as well. If you can learn to see the positive side of any situation (without being naïve about reality), then you are already ahead of the game. There is no reason to pretend everything is okay, as losing a job is stressful. Just don't allow yourself the indulgence of living in a state of negativity.

Pro-tip: Prepare for the future by planning for it.

One of the pillars of confidence is knowing you can support yourself and your family in spite of the circumstances. If it didn't work out that way for you this time, then it's okay, but make a commitment now that next time you will not be in this situation. How will you change your living and spending habits? What is important to you? Are you trying to impress people with your material possessions?

You really can't be financially secure and emotionally insecure. Work to improve your lifestyle, not impress others.

These 2 concepts are not compatible with each other. Make your own happiness and life a priority. If your purchasing habits are based on what other people think about you, it is time to rethink that way of living, isn't it?

Cheers to your growth and mine.

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