• Nayana Sen

People are just People - A Perspective on Injustice

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

There is not a place you can go on Earth where people aren't being persecuted, abused, or treated unjustly. There is no utopia. At the end of the day we all want to be loved and valued.

I don't write political blogs, but it would be wrong of me not to post something about the state of the world. It is not political to think people have a right to exist. We all sat in quarantine and then emerged to see a man killed in broad day light by another man holding a knee on his neck.

Some people saw that and they justify why it happened. Some people saw that and started marching. Social media has amplified injustice, but it has always existed. In the entire course of human history, injustice has existed.

Question then is do we have any personal responsibility in changing the world around us? I imagine I am preaching to the choir here, since you're reading a blog about personal growth. My answer isn't that simple.

I believe we can't sit idly by in the face of injustice. Yet, I also believe that we will never rid the Earth of injustice. I think we all have some inherent biases. I do not believe that a Utopian society is possible. I do think we all have a personal responsibility to live according to our conscience.

If you are in a position of helping others, then do it. Do what you can do. If it donating to a cause is something you can do, then do that. If praying for someone is something you can do, then do it. Above all else, if you can have empathy for a person you would not normally have that sentiment for, then that is growth.

In the end, things change when those in a position of power decide to change things.

Today, instead of raising a glass to our growth, let's bow our head in silence for those that didn't make it home. Let's have empathy for all people, and not just those that look like us. Let's also have empathy for people in positions of power and authority, as they too need it.

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