• Nayana Sen

5 Signs You're Ready for a Life Change

Any one who thinks personal development and growth is easy is in for a shock. In fact, there is nothing easy about changing and demanding more from yourself. The process takes time and effort. Question is are you ready to grow into a better version of yourself? While it may not be easy, it may be overdue. Here are 5 signs you're ready for a life change and how to deal with each one.

The process of becoming who we are is messy and is going to require mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual fortitude. There are over 7 Billion people inhabiting this planet at this time. Each of us gets to have an original interpretation of what life means. Not all of us will come to know who we are, but that is our own decision. This blog is about growth, so my assumption is you are one of the people that want to figure out who you really are.

You are completely bored with your life.

It is normal to sometimes feel like maybe you could do something different, but if it becomes a consistent and pervasive thought pattern, it's time. Don't be in a rush to figure it all out. Sometimes you just need to learn to be bored. The challenge is knowing if you're bored with your circumstances or with your life. When you feel a deep dissatisfaction with your life or it feels like you're dreading your everyday existence, it is not sustainable.

How to deal: Start thinking about what it is you are bored with and if the boredom is temporary. We can't make permanent and lasting life decisions based on temporary emotions. Take some time to figure out what you really want.

You're physically not feeling well a lot lately.

Assuming you are generally in good health, you will notice that you just start not feeling great frequently when . The symptoms can range anywhere from headaches to stomach problems. It's not a coincidence that you physically feel ill when you are just not happy. While science tells us about the inner workings of the human body, no one knows why people react to the same stimulus differently. Pay close attention to your body and what it is telling you. Pain and illness are often times indicators of the emotions that are trapped in your body. You know yourself better than anyone else can know you. If you are constantly experiencing discomfort, there is a good chance you need to make some real changes and soon.

How to deal: First, eliminate the possibility of any serious illness, allergies, or anything else through sound medical advice. Once that is done, start observing when you feel good and when you don't. What makes you feel genuinely happy? Do you feel drained after hanging around someone? Invest your time and energy into those things that make you happy.

Things just don't seem to work out right, no matter how hard you try.

Somethings are just not meant for you no matter what you do or how hard you try. There is a fine line between pursuing your dreams with focus and chasing the wrong thing for you. It does take some time to make anything work, but your time is finite. The question is how long do you want to keep investing your time and energy in to a situation that isn't the right fit? How long do you want to stay in a relationship or job that you've outgrown? Who can answer these questions for you, except you?

How to deal: When you are pursuing the right thing for yourself, you will notice opportunities start lining up. Just because you've spent time on making something work doesn't mean you need to keep trying. Don't view that time you spent as time wasted. There is really no such thing when you grow from the experience. Trust the timing and have some faith that everything works out in the end.

You're overly emotional without any explanation.

There is probably an official term for uncontrollable emotional responses to irrelevant topics. If you find yourself overreacting to the smallest inconvenience or crying over Hallmark commercials, then there is a good chance the life change is already here. It is hard to try to maintain a happy image, while feeling overwhelmed on the inside. One way or another your emotions will be on display for others. It probably feels like you're at war with yourself, doesn’t it?

How to deal: This is the part where you're probably expecting to hear that you need to toughen up or don't let things bother you. It's bad advice actually. You need to allow your emotions to work themselves out. The less you try to control and manipulate your feelings, the more you will be able to moderate your emotions. Give yourself time to think, cry, heal, grieve, or just feel what you feel. Get professional counseling or other help, if you need it.

You're constantly looking for a sign.

This sounds a bit cheeky (as they say on the other side of the pond), but the sign that you need a change is constantly looking for a sign. We look for signs as a means of validation for what we are thinking or feeling.

How to deal: This is your sign that you are loved and you are doing the best you can. Things work out the way they are meant to, and brighter days are ahead.

People are complex beings, there are really no simple answers in the growth process. It is a messy thing, but at the end of it we find out who we are. I encourage you to figure out which parts of your life are working well, and which parts need improvement. Take time to evaluate the various components that make up who you are and then figure out where you want to grow.

Perhaps I am oversimplifying this, but growth means going in the direction that makes you the happiest. Your life is not a dress rehearsal.

Cheers to your growth and mine.

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