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Sometimes a life change means becoming an entrepreneur. Here are 3 simple but effective tips on growing your business from a seasoned entrepreneur, Brittany May.

My Journey as an Entrepreneur

I actually first got started in the fashion design industry, right out of college. I went to university in London and then came back to the States. My father was an entrepreneur, so I really credit him for just growing up in that environment. I honestly didn't see or ever consider anything else other than working for myself. That was the first thing I did. I came back and wrote out a business plan. I founded my first company at the age of 19. I hustled hard and I didn't know what I didn't know. I think that was a blessing because I wasn't afraid. I just went for it and wound up in fashion weeks across America. I grew my business and wound up with 6 of my own brick and mortar stores.

I did that for a long time before I got married and before kids. I loved it, but I worked around the clock and I was extremely burnt out. I was living out of a suitcase because all my stores were in different states. The sheer logistics of it was overwhelming. I had 80-90 employees that I was trying to manage, going to buying conventions, and dealing with manufacturers. It was a lot to deal with and I had my Blackberry constantly glued to my hands. I was just constantly in reaction mode.

Fast forward a few years, when my daughter was born when I had an “aha moment.” I thought how am I going to do work this retail life with the 24-7 working life, traveling, and so on. It was not what I envisioned for myself as a mom. It's not what I wanted anymore and my priorities instantly shifted. I really took a step back and I looked at how I could still follow my passions, but in a way that worked for me and worked for my family. I restructured the whole business model and went completely online. Then I founded my second company, Simply Happy Life. I now also help other women build their businesses through systems, streamlining, and automations. I took my experience and figured out how to help others build on my years of hard work.

Work Smarter, not harder.

You want to put your energy towards the areas in your business where you thrive. The other things that you might not be good at or that you don't enjoy, those are the things that we want to get off of your plate. You’re going to be more than happy to see those things go. Someone else you know could flourish in those areas and actually help get you better results. That really is a way to start working smarter not harder. When you're focusing on the areas where you thrive, that's where you get better results. You're doing your business and yourself a huge favor by creating more room to grow.

Become unapologetically profit-focused.

I came up with the term “unapologetically profit-focused” to women change their thinking about money and business. Women sometimes are almost apologetic about asking for the sale, and it's such a mindset issue. It's something that women face more than men. It's just the shiny object syndrome that all entrepreneurs face, where you get caught up in the creation mode. You're stuck doing all the things yourself, just because you're trying to either learn it or bootstrap it together. Then you step back at the end of the day and you're like what did I accomplish? You end up with zero or low sales because you're not focusing on those key tasks that are actually related to bringing in the money. People advocate that you've got to be everywhere, and you've got to be doing everything. I am the opposite in that I’m telling you to narrow in on the one thing that's bringing you money and do more of that. We definitely want to be unapologetically profit-focused in business, and implement the 80/20 rule. Focus on what is bringing in 80% of your revenue and let that other 20% of the non-essential tasks go.

Progress over perfection.

I believe in progress over perfection when it comes to business. We get in our own way time and time again, and it's in that messy action that we find progress. It's where you learn, it's where you can pivot, and it's where you get direct feedback from your customers or clients. If you're focused on being a perfectionist, there will be slower growth. You’re essentially stunting your growth. It's a learning process, it doesn't have to be perfect. The value that you're putting out is still there. What's so amazing is you learn, you progress, and you grow.

Brittany May is a girl mom of two, a military spouse and runs two businesses from her home in Germany. She is a digital strategist and business coach for mom entrepreneurs. She helps women grow and scale their business simply without sacrificing their quality family time. After running her first 7-figure business the wrong way (working around the clock!), Brittany became obsessed with building smarter systems, streamlining, and automating for a business that scales simply. She now helps other women follow their passions and grow their businesses too.


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