• Assia D.

Leaving the Dream Job to Follow a Dream

If you are looking to find your dream job, you may need to stop and find yourself first. Learn from Assia D., as she talks about her journey from what she thought was her dream job to to how she feels fulfilled today.

I’ve always been a hard-working, ambitious gal and I ended up graduating from the best schools in Paris, entering high-class social circles and landed amazing jobs in China and the Middle East. I was living the dream and I was supposed to be the happiest person alive… But I wasn’t. I felt like I had to wait for the work day to be over to be myself. One day I just had it. I quit, came back to France and started the life I live today – one of authenticity and true purpose. One where I am successful from the inside out – not the other way around. I am a certified coach with over 10 years of experience in the events and communications field, I want to help women entrepreneurs take ownership of who they are as a leader and share their true colors.

Growing up, I always wanted to be somebody, to be somewhere, and to be happy. We are not necessarily taught how to find these in ourselves. I went through the “normal” route like I got a degree and then I got a “dream” job abroad. I really reached a point where I had everything that I wanted, but I just realized that I was still unhappy. I wondered when I’d be allowed to be myself. I asked myself why do I have to play a role from 9 to 6 on a daily basis?

There was a calling from within saying that there is something out there that needs to be expressed. With the internet, we are able to connect from all over the world, which is a gift. I feel it's such a pity that some incredible entrepreneurs give up because they don't get the impact that they deserve because they are fighting their own battles.

I came back to France and I took a year off to really understand who I was and what made me happy. I realized that I’ve always valued people. I valued being able to express my authenticity. On a daily basis you can take every opportunity to just learn about yourself and grow. I’m on the path where I feel like I’m much more fulfilled. I feel like I’m 90% of the way there, but still working through my own self-doubts. The more you practice expressing who you are authentically, the more you feel some sort of peace within. I don't even need others to understand me and that's a really good place to be.

Understand that you're not alone on the journey because that could be a very lonely. You don't have to figure out your calling right away; give yourself some time before you make that leap. The answer will come to you. You can work with people who have gone before you and learn a little bit. Often, we know the answer, but we're just afraid to look at the answer and really take that leap of faith. I would advise to really let it come naturally. I was such a planner, but since I’ve just learned to let go this has allowed so much more to come into my life. Perhaps find a balance between what you have in mind and also leave space for new things to come into your life.

We are all gifted in our own way, and one thing that I’ve promised myself is that I want to be paid just to be me. If we were all ourselves, using our natural talents and personality the world would be a different place. Your zone of genius is really to understand what are what your strengths are. We want to be good at everything, and we can't we can't. We can't excel at everything, so your superpower is really to harness your strengths to craft your life.

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Assia D., is a transformational coach from Paris, France and helps busy entrepreneurs become more productive by overcoming procrastination. She believes that every journey starts from within and works with her clients on identifying their zone of genius, designing a world-class communication & creating strategic plans to make them stand out. She is committed to bring the best out of you.

Contact Assia on Instagram: @the_inner_ceo

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