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Fun or Nothing

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Life is all about opportunities and as you grow, more things will inevitably come your way. How do you know if you should take something else on or if it's not the right time? The answer is simple, don't take on one more thing without giving some consideration to how much fun you are going to have while doing it. Keep reading though.

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A little humor is needed

We all have responsibilities. All of us. You are no exception. While you should take your responsibilities seriously, you shouldn't take yourself so seriously. There will never be a time when you won't have responsibilities. Even the slackers have to pay taxes.

Life is about growing and changing. Take a fun approach. Believe me when you are enjoying yourself, all the other things become more bearable. Currently I am working from home full-time, homeschooling my boy due to Covid-19, running a business, blogging, writing music, and concentrating on becoming Instagram and YouTube famous.

Am I doing it all right? No. I don't need to put on a mask and act like everything is perfect. Well actually I do need to put on a literal mask (so should you), just not a figurative one. I am having fun and keeping myself sane in the middle of a global pandemic. That is more than enough for me at this point.

Let me ask you one question. Who cares if I post a crappy video? Have you watched some Saturday Night Live skits? They don't care how crappy their stuff is and they have professional writers on staff. But, sometimes in the middle of it all comes a brilliant piece of art that really makes people laugh. Every thing can't be perfectly timed or crafted. Sometimes you really just have to suck at something for a while to get better at it.

Stop judging the process and watching for results. If you aren't having fun doing something, stop doing it. It's not cliché, it's true that life is short. I'm also short, but I won't stop growing. I mean that in a very transcendental life altering way. I will grow, and I will have fun doing it. I have enough responsibilities. Get those things done that you can and then spend some serious time enjoying your life. There is no alternative.

Remember I always cheer to your growth and mine.

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