• Nayana Sen

Faith - An Original Poem

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

By Nayana Sen

Faith is a stranger more than a friend

It is the absolute belief in the unknown

Yet knowing that there is something there

We grasp at straws and laugh

We wonder if our choices make sense

In this vast universe

There is me

Holding onto the belief that there is also you

In another time and another place

I know we’re real

The illusion of time

The loneliness that distance creates

Time and space are immaterial

We only know that we exist

In proportion to reality

And the boundaries we stretch

Faith is such a funny word

If I could be real in your existence

Perhaps I would know I matter

In this lifetime or the next

We cannot alter our galaxies

To fit within each other’s arms quite yet

I will chase you in lifetimes

And long to say tag you’re it

Faith is a stranger more than a friend

Faith in the unknown, the unseen, the unsaid

Faith in the unshakable notion

That there is me in you

And you reside in me

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