• Nayana Sen

Dragons Dance - An Original Poem

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

By Nayana Sen

Two dragons were meant to dance

One is awake, while the other rests.

He woke her up and forgot to wake himself.

He dreamt about her for a thousand years.

When he awoke, she was not there.

She found a new place to dance.

He searched for her for a thousand more years.

Until he found her dancing in her own fire.

When he asked if he could dance with her again,

She replied yes, but with a condition.

I am not the one you awoke so many years ago.

I kept returning to the lair,

Hoping you would awake like I did.

I waited for you and saw you sleeping.

Yet, you kept opening your eyes and smiling.

Little embers of fire sparked when you saw me.

I will dance with you as we were meant to,

But first you must believe I’m real.

In an instant she was gone again,

And he had to find her

Through the journey of a lifetime.

He searched for her in all the wrong places,

And tried to find himself in places he didn’t exist.

When they met in a distant land,

The spark in her eyes started burning bright,

But she danced with another dragon.

He stood there and wished he found her sooner.

Just as his fire was about to cease,

She turned and picked him off his feet.

I will dance with you as we were meant to,

You can’t awaken with one

and dance with another forever.

Two dragons danced in a fire.

Sparks of light in their breath,

As time finally stopped.

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