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10 Real Confidence Boosters

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

What do you do when you've been feeling a little down on yourself? You probably go in search of If you just haven't been feeling so great about yourself lately, then maybe you need to figure out how to boost your confidence and fast! I've been there and done that. Don't ever want to feel that way again. The thing is improving your overall self-confidence confidence takes some time, but it is worth it in the end. Here are 10 ways to boost your confidence for the long-haul. Try one or try them all. Aim for real confidence.

There will be times in your life that you will need to improve your self-confidence. Most people are confident in their abilities to do something, but this post is about improving your overall self-confidence. Consider it a transferable life skill, as it goes with you every where and can be worn with every single thing you own. It's true when you're confident, you can wear a potato sack and still be hot (don't wear it to work).

  1. Start with small micro-goals and build on that. You will be surprised to see how quickly small goals add up to bigger achievements.

  2. Build trust in yourself by keeping the commitments you make to yourself and others. Self trust is foundational amd necessary for building real confidence.

  3. Do something physical (like walking, swimming, meditating, and so on) that boosts your mood. If you can be out in nature, that will really help elevate your mood. You see yourself differently when you're in a good mood. This goes along with self-care, but physical movement is just vital to overall confidence building.

  4. Use positive affirmations to convince yourself that you are indeed worthy and confident. In simple terms, you have to end the negative self-talk to feel confident and affirmations can help you do just that.

  5. Celebrate yourself and your wins. Commit to treating yourself like you matter because you do. Confidence really starts with recognizing your own worth. Although, it can be tempting to wait to celebrate your victories when you have met the big goal, it is equally important to develop pride in yourself for the little things also.

  6. Find people who support you and your goals. Humans need other humans, and it doesn't matter if you're an introvert or extrovert, we all need some form of social support. The truth is the people we associate with can have a major impact on our self-confidence and growth.

  7. Take time to get to know yourself. Understand who you are and what resonates with you now. Enjoy your own company. This is really important in your journey to become more self-confident. You should find people who support you, but your self-confidence has to rely on soley you. How you feel about yourself is the core of self-confidence, and nothing can or should replace that.

  8. Find a cause and give your time to help someone else. It is important in your own growth that you help others. Whatever that means for you. Feeling good about yourself comes from a place of being good to others as well.

  9. Incorporate a self-care routine into your life that includes making yourself look presentable. The most common way to improve self-confidence is to work on your looks. While it is not the most important part of real self-confidence, you should really like the person in the mirror.

  10. Forgive yourself or someone else for something that no longer matters. Does this seem relevant in your quest for improving self-confidence? If the answer isn't obvious, then consider how much time and energy you dedicate to feeling guilty about what you did or didn't do. How much of your negative self-talk comes from a lack of compassion and forgiveness for yourself.

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Traditional advice says workout and look good to feel confident. There is a time and place for everything, infact that is one of the suggested confidence boosters listed above. It is however only 1 of 10 suggested ways to improve your confidence. There is not a one-size fit all approach to personal development. Try multiple things and add your input. It's your life, and only you get to decide what makes you feel happy and confident.

Cheers to your growth and mine.

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