• Nayana Sen


Updated: Nov 10, 2020

When a life change is imminent and you are being asked to grow as a person, then don't be afraid to change. Everything changes, even your cells. You are not who you were yesterday. We are in this together.

I am completely different than I was just a year ago. I wish I knew the exact moment where things changed for me. Some people tend to know their defining moment, and I am not sure what that is. For me I was stuck living someone else’s life for a long time, and I just knew I couldn’t be someone else indefinitely. It was a slow process and one day I woke up and things started to feel different. I started to feel different, and of course I look different. I can honestly say that for the first time in my life, I feel like the most authentic version of myself.

I am somewhat of an ordinary person, but I have finally started seeing myself as extraordinary. Even though I don’t have an exact defining moment, I do have a series of moments that have completely changed my outlook on life. I believe it is not the circumstances that dictate our happiness, although for a long time I allowed outside influences to determine my happiness. I have adapted a happiness mindset.

There is a process to this life change, and it may be different for everyone. All I know is that it all starts with the desire to change and grow. It then becomes stronger until it can’t be ignored anymore. The purpose of this blog is to help document my process for a life change. Sometimes it is self-imposed and other times it is imposed upon us, but change is not something we can stop.

Change will happen whether we want it or not, as nothing stays the same. Nothing should. We must grow, so don't be afraid.

I can hear my 5th grade teacher in my head saying the word "Ain't" is not a real word. I picked the name of this blog to be Ain't Afraid to Grow because I feel at my age I should be able to use the word Ain't if I want. We don't break rules for fun, but if at some point the rules stop making sense, then we must go chase ourselves. We must pursue our own happiness relentlessly. We must take care of ourselves. Tell me, if you don't...then who will?

Cheers to your growth, to my growth, and to the collective growth.

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